Published: Feb 25, 2013 11:07 AM EST
Updated: Feb 25, 2013 6:18 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- A Fort Myers man suspected of shooting a 16-year-old girl at the Fort Myers Ale House this weekend will be held without bond. Henry Brunson appeared before a judge this morning facing Second Degree Murder charges.

Police say Kanasha Isaac is on life support, but was declared clinically brain dead by two physicians. She was shot in the face, according to Brunson's arrest report. Witnesses say he looked directly into the vehicle while firing a handgun multiple times.

The State argued, due to the charges he faces, 24-year-old Brunson is a danger to the community and should not be released. The judge agreed and is holding him without bond until further notice.

"Yes, I want my rights. I want my attorney present before anyone speaks to me," Brunson said.

He said nothing else in court this morning, facing a Lee County judge through a video screen from the jail.

Brunson was arrested early yesterday, following Saturday's shooting at Fort Myers Ale House.

It was just before midnight that police say Isaac and a friend left the restaurant and got into their car. Investigators say that's when a car pulled in front of them and blocked them into their parking space. Witnesses told officers they saw Brunson roll down the passenger side window and open fire. They say he looked directly into the vehicle while firing a handgun multiple times. The car then drove away. 

Isaac was shot in the face, according to police. Her friend rushed her to the hospital. After being declared brain dead by physicians, she was put on artificial ventilation as her organs were harvested.

The motive for the shooting is still under investigation.

Collier County Public Schools says the school district crisis team and Immokalee High School counselors visited Isaac's classrooms this morning. Other counselors are being made available throughout the day to assist students and adults who may be in need of help. Teachers and other staff have been instructed as to how to handle this situation in the classroom while being told of the signs to look for in students needing assistance. 

Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker says he needs witnesses to come forward more often to help solve cases. "I'm very satisfied as far as the information that we were able to achieve from witnesses (in this case), that plays an important role."

He says, "if our witnesses would come forward and cooperate with us, we'd be able to clear all the homicides this afternoon if that were the case. It's been difficult, its been a struggle, but its not something we're going to let up on. We're going to be firm, our mission is very focused and we're gonna reduce the violent crime as it occurs in the city."

He says they are still reviewing unsolved murders from last year. "Just because the year changes, doesn't mean we've turned the page on our old homicides that are still open and pending, we're still reviewing those and looking at those and making every effort to make sure we hold someone accountable at the end of the day."

Baker says, "a 16-year-old girl lost her life because of street violence and to me that's the bigger issue here. As people continue to support or defend or protect our violent offenders, this has the ability to  happen again unfortunately and that's where we want our citizens.. if they see it to report it."

Brunson has been arrested at least once each year since 2009.

A few weeks ago, WINK News reported Chief Baker sent letters to the city's 25 most violent criminals to let them know police are watching them. He says Brunson was not on that list. However, he says one of the recipients did respond to the letter.