Published: Dec 11, 2012 11:55 PM EST
Updated: Dec 12, 2012 10:18 AM EST

FORT MYERS-Fla.-John Henry said surveillance cameras were hidden all over his home.

"It was a little James Bondish. A detective came in and introduced himself, swore me under oath, had glock on his hip," said Henry.

The former All Star auction employee said, once his boss, Mike Miski showed up he never suspected a sting was going down right under his nose.

"He pulled the table up and he had the 51 line items he wanted to go over. I went over each one and I said geez Mike I only charged you 50 bucks for that and he said put in for $450. For the second item, I said I had that paint left over from another job and he said well make it $750-so he embellished every line as we went down."

A detective with the Florida Department of Financial Services said an investigation is underway to see what kind of role Miski's wife Lisa had in the plan to allegedly defraud the insurance company after the fire.
We went to Miski's home tonight.

A woman answered the door and said, " he is not too happy that he was set up by a friend, but that's all I have to say."

Henry said he is still owed about five grand. He said he didn't orchestrate the sting for the money.

"It needed to be done. He was skirting the civil and criminal line, skating by, and he needed to be stopped and I am glad I was part of it," said Henry.

We called Allstar's attorney, but he did not return our call.