Published: Dec 05, 2012 10:38 PM EST
Updated: Dec 05, 2012 11:42 PM EST

Would be car thieves get a surprise when the would-be victims go on the attack to protect their property.

Neighbors down Apache Street in Lehigh Acres stopped the crooks right in their tracks.

"We were kind of scared, but we have to protect ourselves," said neighbor Marisol Efanator.

Efanator and her family were at home on Apache St, when she says, she spotted two men breaking in to a neighbors truck.

"Suddenly we saw these two guys for a bout a half an hour in the car and messing around with it," she said.

Minutes later Marisol says the men made it to her Ford Explorer and that's when she came outside screaming to scare them off. 

I was scared, I was terrified. Iwas screaming all around the house," said Efanator.

While one man ran off, Marisol's husband caught 21 year old Michael Rossi down the street and used a machete to keep him at bay until deputies arrived.

"We wanted to kick his (expletive). The guy just raised his hands and we said if you move or do something we will chop you up," she said.

Miguel Aponte says his truck was  targeted Authorities believe Rossi damaged the Ford Ranger and tried to steal a radar detector.

"He broke the door here, I cannot find that piece and they broke the steering column back here," said Aponte.

Police reports show Rossi told authorities that his friend, Tyler Phillips, helped him with the failed burglaries.

After talking with Phillips' grandmother, deputies later found him hiding under a bed at a house on East Jersey Road.

"I was mad because I never expected stuff like that to happen around here," said Aponte.

"We all try to watch each other no matter what," said Efanator.