Published: Nov 07, 2012 9:00 PM EST
Updated: Nov 07, 2012 11:35 PM EST

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. - Many Lee County voters are still frustrated over the long lines and confusion that played a role in Tuesday's election.

One man from North Fort Myers is so upset, he's calling for a new election. The single item on the ballot: Sharon Harrington's job as Supervisor of Elections.

Steve Silver says he's going to Tallahassee, asking Governor Rick Scott to remove Harrington from her position.

Because of a broken ankle, Silver was brought to the front of the line at his North Fort Myers precinct. But the wait was far from over. "Even when I got inside, I still had to wait for a spot to fill my ballot out," Silver said. "Even once I filled my ballot out, I still had an hour wait just to put it into the tabulator."

Others waited up to 6 hours. "There was no excuse just to have one of tabulator machine at some of these locations," Silver said. "I want to send a petition to the Governor and I want to send it from the citizens of Lee County to remove the supervisor of elections from her position, to hold a new election, due to the fact that she can't handle this position."

Silver is gathering addresses through the Lee County Property Appraiser's database. He plans to send letters, asking voters to sign the petition. He's even paying for the return postage.
"We knew from the very beginning this was a very contested election," Silver said. "There is absolutely no reason not to be prepared for this well in advance. The citizens of Lee County demand better than what we got."

Harrington said she takes her responsibilities very seriously. And while she doesn't plan to resign, she apologized to voters. "We thought we had plenty of equipment out there because we used the same amount of equipment in 2008, and the trend is going to early voting and ballot by mail," Harrington said."Moving forward, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again in Lee County."

Harrington's office says so far, no petitions have been officially filed for her removal. Silver plans to get a website up and running in the next couple of days where voters can get information about the petition and contribute to the cause.