Published: Oct 23, 2012 10:27 AM EDT

ENGLEWOOD EAST, Fla.- Charlotte County Sheriff's detectives arrested an Englewood East man Monday for burglarizing a home, stealing a box of silverware, and pawning it. Robert Daniel Brock, 27, of 10334 Oceanspray Boulevard, was arrested.

CCSO received a call Oct. 8 from a woman who reported her home was burglarized in the 7000 block of Sunnybrook Boulevard in Englewood East. She said her box o f56-piece sterling silverware inscribed with a “D” had been stolen. She and her husband received the silverware decades ago as a wedding gift.

Detectives checked the Pawn FINDER system and located the silverware with a “D” that had beenpawned Oct. 8 by Brock at Young’s Creative Jewelers. Detectives obtained the paperwork with a copy of Brock’s driver’s license and thumb print; he received $510 cash from the pawn shop.

Detectives located Brock who said a man named “Jonathan” asked him to pawn the silverware but could not identify him; he then requested a lawyer. Brock was arrested and charged with Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, and Giving False Verification of Ownership. Brock was also on probation from a previous arrest and was additionally charged with Violation of Probation. He was transported to the Charlotte County Jail where he remains on no bond.