Published: Aug 20, 2012 11:59 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 20, 2012 12:30 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Punta Gorda man for “huffing” from a spray can and passed out in his car in the Port Charlotte Walmart parking lot Friday night. John David Crider, 52, of 3510 Wisteria Place, was charged with Inhaling Harmful Chemicals and Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer.

CCSO received a call at 9:53 p.m. to 19100 Murdock Circle for a medical emergency in a silver Ford station wagon parked half way in a handicapped parking space and half way on top of a curb. Crider, asleep inside with the motor running, was holding an Ultra Duster spray can. When deputies reached in and unlocked the vehicle, Crider woke up and instantly put the spray can to his mouth and pulled the trigger spraying the chemicals into his mouth. Deputies grabbed the can from Crider and he then attempted to put the vehicle into drive. Fearing bystanders would be injured; a deputy grabbed Crider to prevent him from moving the shifter.

Crider kept struggling and was finally pulled from the driver’s seat and onto the ground. He continued to struggle but was finally handcuffed. A search located $13,813 cash in his pockets and Scooby Snax Potpourri, also known as fake marijuana or spice in another pocket. EMS arrived and transported Crider to Fawcett Memorial Hospital. Once cleared at the hospital, Crider was taken to the Charlotte County Jail. This is Crider’s third booking; he remains in jail on $10,000 bond for the two charges, and no bond for two Violation of Probation charges.

Additionally, deputies arrested a Port Charlotte woman after she stole 101 items valued at $1,201 from the Port Charlotte Walmart early Saturday morning. Denise DeHart Isaacs-Hall, 52, of 423 Yorkshire Street, was arrested on grand theft charges. Ironically, Crider was her friend and had been found three hours earlier in Isaacs-Hall’s Ford station wagon parked in the same Walmart parking lot. Isaacs-Hall recovered her vehicle from deputies after Crider was transported to the hospital, released and then taken to jail.

CCSO received a call from Walmart security at 12:25 a.m. Saturday reporting a woman pushed a cart full of merchandise out of the store without paying and drove off in a 1996 grey Ford station wagon. A manager also obtained a license plate number for the same vehicle Crider was found in. A BOLO was sent out and at 1:01 a.m., deputies located the vehicle at Yorkshire Street and Firwood Terrace with a lot of merchandise in the back. The driver, Isaacs-Hall, did not have any receipts for any of the items that was the property of and recovered by Walmart security. She was arrested and transported to the Charlotte County Jail where she remains on $3,500 bond.