Published: Aug 10, 2012 4:19 PM EDT

ENGLEWOOD EAST, Fla.-  Two other men allegedly involved in the July 2nd kidnapping of an Englewood East man have been arrested on warrants. Eric Devon Lazenby, 22, of 3601 Rockledge Dr. in Columbus, Ohio, was arrested on August 3 in Franklin County Ohio and the Sheriff’s Office Warrants Apprehension Unit picked up Austin Wessley Joiner, 21, of 2091 Tarpon Way in Englewood on Thursday August 9th. Both men were charged with Kidnapping and False Imprisonment.

Two other men, 40-year-old Christopher Lee Carroll and 22-year-old Kelly Ryan Bodell, were arrested on similar charges in the case at the end of July.

Detectives said on July 2nd, 31-year-old Mark Robert Plutt was at Carroll’s home where he had been staying a few nights. Bodell, Carroll and Lazenby were also present in the home. At 11:30 a.m., while Plutt was on the phone, Bodell broke into the room Plutt was in and put a gun in his face. Bodell also hit him several times in the face and head with his bare hands. Bodell said Plutt needed to give him $200 he owed him from a previous robbery that occurred several weeks prior to this incident over prescription medications.

While the confrontation was going on, Joiner arrived. Plutt wanted to leave but was told he was not going anywhere until Bodell got his money. Bodell said if he didn’t get the money it would not be good for Plutt and he was going to have broken legs. Plutt believed Bodell who is a martial arts fighter. At one point Bodell left the residence, leaving Lazenby, Joiner and Carroll to watch Plutt.  After five hours, Plutt became fearful he was not going to get away and asked to use the phone to call his grandparents to send him money via a Money Gram sent to the Englewood WalMart. Plutt faked the call and his captors believed him. Joiner drove Plutt, Bodell and Lazenby to WalMart; Carroll did not go.  Plutt went to Guest Services while Bodell watched him. Plutt stalled until he saw a female approach Bodell which distracted him. Plutt saw his chance and ran out of the area toward the tire center with the three men chasing after him. As they entered the bay area, an employee walked in and Plutt asked for help. Bodell, Lazenby and Joiner ran out an exit, got into the same SUV, and drove off.  Plutt left on his own later.

This is Joiner’s 6th booking. He remains in the Charlotte County Jail on $60,000 bond. Lazenby was also still in custody in Ohio. He has five previous arrests in Charlotte County.