Published: Aug 06, 2012 1:32 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.- Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Sunday for concealed loaded handgun charges at Boomer’s nightclub, 2360 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte. The incident began because of excessively loud music blaring from his car. Leon Akeem Mercurius, 23, of 17940 Murdock Circle, was arrested.

CCSO has received numerous complaints from the surrounding neighborhood of excessive noise and music blaring from vehicles when the bar closes at 2 a.m. While deputies were clearing out the parking lot early Sunday, Mercurius exited the night club, got into his car and had very loud music blaring from inside the car; exactly what neighbors behind the bar were complaining about. Mercurius was told several times to turn down the music down but did not comply and began cursing at deputies. He then attempted to flee toward the exit by accelerating away from deputies but the path was blocked by other cars trying to leave. Deputies ordered Mercurius to exit the car; he refused several orders.

Deputies attempted pulling him out of the car but he attempted to drive off again. Deputies were finally able to get the car stopped and got him out of the blue Toyota. He began resisting, continued to struggle, but was finally subdued and handcuffed. When deputies did an inventory of the car before being towed, they discovered a fully loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun concealed in the driver’s side door.

CCSO did a criminal history check on Mercurius and were advised North Port Police arrested him July 8, 2011 for Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon and that he was currently out on $50,000 bond pending trial. In Port Charlotte, Mercurius was arrested Dec. 29, 2011, for Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, in connection with the Christmas morning stabbing at Caribbean Oriental Grocery, 2745 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. He was released on $50,000 bond. On Feb. 18 this year Mercurius was slashed with a straight razor at Boomers after two men held him in retaliation for the Christmas morning stabbing of a North Port man in the stomach with a 6 to 7 inch knife.

Mercurius was charged with Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Resisting Arrest, and Disturbing the Peace (loud music). He remains in the County Jail on no bond.