Published: Jun 28, 2012 2:38 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 28, 2012 4:39 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - The State Attorney's Office has released new documents related to the April homicide of Lehigh mother Amy Lorah and her teenage son William "Dalton" Haley. The more than 700 pages of sworn statements, forensic reports, and phone records, paint a clearer picture of the relationship between the suspects and the victims, and reveals friends may have seen this horrible crime coming.

It started with a 911 call the night of April 9th. A family friend went to check on 16-year-old Haley and his mother, 43-year-old Lorah. He found the front door unlocked, and a trail of blood inside. Deputies said Haley and Lorah had both been shot multiple times, and they found 9 mm bullet casings scattered throughout their Lehigh home.
Less than a week later, investigators had two young suspects in custody: 16-year-old Justin Wirth, who they believe shot the gun, and 17-year-old Clayton Combs.

Detectives spoke to friends of the suspect. One said he was riding with Combs and Wirth the night before the mom and son were found. He said Wirth said, "he was gonna go over there and take his gun and safe... do an armed robbery on Dalton... 'cause there was weed and money in it and he wanted it."
Another friend said the suspects showed up at a party a few hours later, and Wirth pulled out a safe. Inside where things like money, Marijuana, Xanax pills and tiny memory cards. He said Wirth distributed the items among the group, then allegedly showed them a 9 mm gun. The friend said he bought the gun, and that Wirth told him, "just keep it low for a little bit... like a month or two... go hide it... that's all he said is it had bodies on it."

A third friend took the safe and said Wirth told him "that we should bleach the gun and the safe."

There were suspicions within the group. The friend who was riding with Wirth and Combs earlier that night told detectives, "I was kinda scared to say something to Clayton and Justin... I didn't      wanna offend them... and then they would get mad at me.... Justin has said for a while, 'I'm gonna rob Dalton. I'm gonna kill Dalton.' He's been saying this to all of us."

Another interesting discovery came in the phone records. April 8th, Justin Wirth and "Dalton" Haley called each other, back and forth, 16 times. The calls lasted no more than a minute or so. The last call on record was on April 9th at 12:16 a.m. when Haley called Wirth.

Wirth and Combs both pleaded not guilty to First-Degree Murder and Robbery charges. Both are charged as adults in the case, and will be back in court in July.