Published: May 18, 2012 3:33 PM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2012 3:37 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- Naples Police responded to a noise complaint on Thursday that led to the arrest of a wanted Serbian murder suspect.

On Thursday, at approximately 4:02 a.m., Naples Police officers were dispatched to a loud music complaint at 450 Bayfront Place, #4808. The officers were directed by the complainant to the unit where they were able to hear yelling and loud music. They spoke to the owner of the unit and after issuing her a notice to appear and advising her to turn down the music the officer left the building.

Five minutes after the initial encounter, the officers were advised by dispatch that the original complainant called back to advise that the subjects had turned up the music right after the officers left. The officers returned to the unit at which time after knocking on the door, it was answered and slammed in their faces. The officers knocked again and the door was answered, where the officers observed seven people in the unit.

Officers advised Mozolicova to step outside, so officers could affect an arrest for disorderly conduct and City
Ordinance Violation 22-37 Noise Violation. Mozolicova refused to step outside of the unit, at which point officers attempted to take physical custody of Mozolicova inside of the unit.

Other subjects present attempted to interfere with the officers attempts to take her into custody. Miric pulled away from
officers, and physically began fighting and hitting officers. Mozolicova attempted to distract officers and tried to physically grab Miric to pull her back into the unit.

Officers were able to affect an arrest on Miric, and Officer Harp stood by with the subject outside of the unit in a hallway area. Others present were interfering with the lawful attempts of the officers trying to arrest the subjects.

At one point, Stepanovich charged towards an officer who was kneeling down actively engaging in handcuffing one
of the subjects and kicked the officer in the face. Stepanovich attempted to charge the officer again at which time the officer was able to deploy his Taser and stop the aggressive actions.

After all subjects were taken into custody, a routine wants and warrants check revealed that subject Stepanovich had an
active INTERPOL warrant / wanted persons hit out of Serbia for the crime of Murder. INTERPOL warrant # KI46708. INTERPOL later advised they were going to begin to confirm the warrant and extradite with the requesting country.