Published: Apr 09, 2012 5:12 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 09, 2012 6:28 PM EDT

SARASOTA, Fla.- The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 19-year-old Joshuat Lopez-Santana, of 1001 Temple Avenue in Bradenton, in connection with the double shooting in Sarasota on Sunday afternoon.

Detectives say Joshuat, along with his 17-year-old brother, Carlos, drove to the Butler Avenue location to collect an alleged debt. Witnesses say as the Lopez brothers got out of their vehicle they immediately began firing toward the apartment. One of the bullets narrowly missed a man who was standing in the doorway and another bullet from Joshuat’s handgun struck Carlos in the back of the head.

Two men, resident 33-year-old Edwin Gonzales and his friend 23-year-old George Acosta-Mata, ran out of the rear door of the apartment. Joshuat caught up with Gonzales and shot him twice.

Acosta-Mata was not injured.

After shooting Edwin, Joshuat returned to the front of the apartments, located Carlos and loaded him into the car.

Joshuat left the scene, but wrecked his vehicle nearby, just as patrol deputies caught up with him and took him into custody.

Gonzalez was taken to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton where he is in stable condition.

Carlos Lopez-Santana died from his gunshot wound.

Joshuat Lopez-Santana is charged with one count of Felony Murder, one count of First Degree Attempted Murder and one count of Second Degree Attempted Murder. He was booked into the Sarasota County Jail late last night and is being held without bond.