Published: Mar 30, 2012 3:49 AM EDT
Updated: Mar 30, 2012 4:47 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Only on WINK, a road rage incident has a Cape Coral woman needing a shower after another driver actually spit on her in traffic.  That woman, Lois Artino, spoke only to WINK News about the spitting incident.

"He was screaming and yelling and you know I'm sitting here and what it his problem?" said Artino.

A drive home from the airport turned into one that Artino won't soon forget.

"Some guy to the left of us was honking his horn and all of a sudden on this side comes this blue car.  Screaming, yelling, spit right through the window," said Artino.

Artino said the driver honked his horn and then spit at her.

"It splattered everywhere and I told the officer if you want his DNA, its still dripping down the door," said Artino.

Officers said the man who spit is Kurt Ronis.  He's facing charges of battery on a person 65 years of age or older.  Cameras at the Midpoint Bridge toll booth caught a clear shot that helped officers make a quick arrest.

"I was stunned.  I've never had anybody spit on me," said Artino.

At 74 years young, Artino hopes a few hand washings and throwing her spit-on-sweater in the washing machine several times will help take the germs away.

"I kept thinking gosh I hope he doesn't have anything contagious," said Artino.

According to police reports, Ronis admitted to officers that he spit on Arinto in the westbound lanes of the Midpoint Bridge but Artino says she has no anger towards him.

"I feel sorry for him.  He needs to take an anger management class.  He needs to take a class in etiquette driving," said Artino.

WINK News tried knocking on Ronis' door, but no one was home.  Artino said the spitting stunt won't keep her home but she says she plans to take the long way from Cape Coral to Fort Myers.

"It will be awhile before I hit that bridge again," said Artino.

At check on Thursday night, Ronis was in the Lee County Jail being held without bond.