Published: Jun 28, 2013 3:48 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 28, 2013 3:48 PM EDT

HURRICANE CENTRAL - When a hurricane threatens, you may turn to a number of sources to get your information but this year that list should include Facebook, Twitter and your smartphone.

When it comes to hurricanes, there's an app for that. Lee County's new evacuation app is called "Lee Evac."

"It'll let you know that we are pushing for an evacuation in your area," explained Molly Sumpter with Lee County Emergency Management. "And another good thing... you can search for an address. So let's say maybe you live in Lehigh in Zone E, but your parents or your sister live on Sanibel, Zone A, you can search for them and see if they're in an evacuation too."

The county also has a Facebook page to post advisories and a Twitter account.

Collier County uses Facebook and Twitter and they say with good reason.

"We will lose power and we really want to make sure that you're staying informed throughout the event," said Collier Director of Emergency Management, Dan Summers.

Charlotte County works much like they all do now. As emergency managers make moves, they'll tell us here at WINK and they'll tell you directly.

"Social media is huge for us," said Director of Charlotte Emergency Management Wayne Sallade. "We've got Facebook, we're into Twitter, we're trying to keep citizens updated on what's going on. When we go into activation, our public information office will be sending out almost constant messages as to the status of the situation. So people will have an instant source to go to to find out virtually minute-by-minute what's going on in your county emergency operations center."

Each county and the Red Cross will send you real time information when seconds matter most. And we'll be here on TV, radio, Facebook and Twitter as well. Everywhere you trust us to be to keep you safe.

Now is a good time to "like" the WINK News Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as well as following your county emergency operations center.