Published: Jun 28, 2012 1:03 AM EDT

HURRICANE CENTRAL, Fla. - When a hurricane threatens, you may turn to a number of sources to get your information, but this year that list should include Facebook, Twitter and your smartphone.

Emergency managers say if the weather gets dangerous, keep the phone close.

"The newest thing we have is our Lee Evac app for Android phone that you uses the onboard GPS on the phone to locate your evacuation zone," said Gerald Campbell with Lee County Emergency Management.

Lee County will also be on Facebook and Twitter.

"Social media is a big up-and-coming part of our job. It's become Facebook, Twitter, and the other things that are out," explained Campbell.

Charlotte County's Emergency Manager Wayne Sallade says he's a living example of the transition that needs to take place

"I had to tell my children lat year at the age of 57, daddy tweeted for the first time. Case in point, just recently with the second storm of the season, Beryl, we got our fingers warmed up on the iPad and posted all weekend," Sallade said.

So if that's not you yet ask the kids and grandkids to help you do what emergency managers are doing right now.

In Collier County, they want to make sure its social media is useful in real time.

"EOC's have got to make sure they have enough staff to put that information out appropriately. In Collier County, I suspect that we will be using those feeds to bring you to a website for the latest emergency information," said Dan Summers with Collier Emergency Management.

But no matter who you're following online, make sure it's reliable.

"Make sure that you're paying attention to what is factual or validated information, as opposed to hearsay or rumor information," urged Summers.

And just in case we do get hit, add the Red Cross to your feeds because they're beefing up their social media presence as well.

"The more people use Facebook and Twitter to communicate, the more those tools are becoming valuable in times of disaster. So we've really embraced that," said Colin Downey with the Red Cross.

This is a good time to also "like" the WINK News Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as well as following your county emergency operations center. We'll make sure you get the information you need to stay safe.