Published: Jul 08, 2011 9:17 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 06, 2011 3:25 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Homeowners insurance is a big expense; but no matter if your home was built 50 years ago or five, there's a way you could save money! All it takes is a relatively inexpensive hurricane inspection.

Eric Osking of Advanced Building Assessments says his company usually performs 40 to 50 wind mitigation inspections a week. He told us that both new and old homes can see substantial savings by getting one done.

"They've been building homes with good wind mitigation for many many years. We inspect homes that were built in the '60's that have substantial savings, sometimes more so than the new homes," he explained.

Florida's uniform mitigation verification inspection form, also known as a "wind mit report" is four pages long detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your home starting from the roof all the way down. Inspectors even go into your attic. You can hire a qualified inspector to go over your home's construction detailing every insurance discount available.

Insurance agents like Cape Coral's Emilia Lumar recommends the inspection to all homeowners. It costs about $100 and takes around an hour to complete. For Lumar's clients, the money they save pays for the inspection and then some.
"I've seen savings from $200-$300 upwards of $2,000," Lumar told WINK.

After a storm if your insurance company fights you on a claim, call a public adjuster. They will help you get every penny you're owed from your insurance company. Your insurance agent can put you in touch with a reputable public adjuster and there's no cost up front. A public adjuster doesn't get paid until you do.