Published: Jul 08, 2011 6:16 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 06, 2011 3:58 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - When a hurricane threatens and it's time to leave, do you know what to take with you to survive? A local man wants to help you sort it out.

Dominick Greco has been teaching people how to survive for nearly two decades. He recently teamed up with the City of Cape Coral to teach survival classes. For everyone coming into his class, he shows them how to create a "go bag."

"It's the bag you're going to grab when it's time to go and you've got to have the right essentials in there," said Dominick. "This bag can be anything from a type of back back, we have a waterproof backpack. We really like to have waterproof because if we're dealing with a hurricane, we're dealing with a lot of water."

Dominick also stresses something called the rule of threes.

"Three minutes you could survive without air, three days you can survive without water and 30 days without food. So our big killer here is having water," Dominick explained "We want to have roughly a gallon of water in, with, around our go bag, per person, per day. And what I like to say is, everyone should have a gallon of water for roughly three days."

He also recommended that you have several ways to start a fire and have something to keep all your items, dry.

"What we like to do is have these military grade waterproof bags... I'll also add in the go bag, along with the ziplock bags, is I want to have a lot of garbage bags... a lot of times a bag is the only thing you'll have to secure an open area that's been blown in your house after the event." Dominick showed us.

He also recommended that you have at least a three to four day supply of medication if you or anyone in your family, needs it.

"When you leave the house you can also consider, what important papers do you want to bring with you? Because when you get back to that house, that stuff may be damaged." Dominick stressed. "Some cash, also some coins because some of the survival techniques, when you leave, some of the places for you to secure food might be as simple as a vending machine."

It's also important to have a good source of flashlights, along with batteries for every single device that is in your "go bag." Dominick also recommended that people include battery-powered radios.

"Sometimes fear is really just because of the unknown and that kind of negates some of that and gives people some comfort." he explained.

For more information on all the items you should have in a "go bag" or hurricane emergency kit, click on the FEMA Get A Kit link.

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