Published: Jun 19, 2013 6:11 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 19, 2013 6:12 PM EDT

SEATTLE- There was an incredible rescue scene outside Seattle, when a horse got stuck in some thick mud. It took an entire army of rescuers to get the horse out.

A white horse named "Cocoa" was covered in black. She was stuck in mud up to her shoulders after she unlatched the gate of her own corral and slipped out.

More than three dozen firefighters and volunteeers showed up to help. A veterinarian gave the horse fluids intravenously so she wouldn't get dehydrated and sedated the animal so it wouldn't thrash around and hurt herself or a rescuer.

They couldn't dig Cocoa out of the mud, and at one point, she lurched forward from one hole into another and got a leg stuck under a log. The horse was too exhausted to stand and walk out on her own.

Rescuers used ropes hung from trees to lift Cocoa, then put the 2,000 pound animal on a plastic sled and dragged her to a nearby pasture.

Cocoa's first attempt to stand failed miserably, but gradually, as the drugs wore off, she was able to raise her head and then stand on four legs.