Published: Apr 09, 2013 9:01 AM EDT

Philadelphia, Pa. -- Many say a dog is a man's best friend, but one Philadelphia feline might have you changing your opinion. Rudi Saldia is an avid biker, and instead of leaving his cat behind, he chooses to roam the streets with this furry friend.

Saldia's tabby cat, MJ, perches atop his owner's shoulders, resembling a parrot. The two board the bike and off they go into the streets of Philly. They share loving nudges as Saldia peddles along. Listen closely and at times in the video you can even hear the content purrs of MJ. Lanes of traffic are no deterrent for this odd couple; Saldia skillfully weaves in and out of cars. The only time MJ seems a bit out of his element is when a police car passes by, sirens blaring; the cat hides behinds his owner's helmet.

Apparently, the two hit the streets fairly regularly, especially in the warmer months. MJ, according to his owner, is not a fan of the cold.
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