Published: Jan 02, 2013 5:28 PM EST

A dramatic rescue of a dog from a frozen pond in Missouri was caught on camera.

A man was walking his dog in the park on New Year's Day when the animal got spooked and ran out onto the ice. Unfortunately, the ice was too thin and the dog fell through.

Dan Hill was part of the rescue squad called in to help.

"I believe city parks, the water is roughly four feet deep. So they decided to send the tall guy, and that was me," Hill said. "He was actually kinda coming towards me. I think he knew what I was out there to do. And I think he was happy to see me. I just threw him in the little basket we had and they pulled him in."

The dog, shivering but alive, was treated with oxygen and an I.V. The local Humane Society is now trying to find the dog's owner.