Published: Jun 05, 2012 4:38 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 05, 2012 6:37 PM EDT

Just when you think you've seen everything, an artist has crafted a flying dead cat.
A man is using his taxidermied cat for the cat-copter, a remote controlled helicopter made out of a dead cat. No wonder jaws drop. The cat's owner, Dutch artist Bart Jansen, considers this a tribute. 

"I really love this cat and for me this is a way to actually make him eternal," Jansen said.

His name was Orville. He and his brother, Wilbur, were named after the Wright brothers. So when Orville got hit by a car last year, Jansen turned him into art to be exhibited in a Dutch museum. Since he was already named after a famous aviator, it became clear he just need to fly.

Jansen had Orville taxidermied and put on an ultra lightweight casing. Half cat half machine Jansen calls it, the "Orvillecopter."

"There's a little flap here. Where gyroscopes and the receiver are. There's a propeller attached to each paw," said Jansen said. "Those eyes are glass, by the way."  

Some people think it sends the wrong message to children because it appears that an animal is being tortured. Others think it's the artist's prerogative.

Orville's brother, Wilbur, doesn't seem to know what to make of this reincarnation of Orville.

Jansen says cats dream of chasing birds, just look at Tom in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. Jansen says Orville used to lie on the doormat watching pigeons. Now, he's finally flying with the birds, the greatest goal a cat could ever reach. But to PETA, "it's a macabre way to honor a beloved family member." 

The artist is willing to part with his flying pet. It's for sale, but he hasn't yet put a price on Orvillecopter.

A Dutch TV show was shooting the cat-copter in a field, when its pilot sent it swooping towards some cows. Moo versus meow...and meow won. The cat would probably approve.