Published: Apr 08, 2011 3:54 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 08, 2011 12:24 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A potential government shutdown could affect our nation's heroes. If things don't turn around, those fighting over seas may not be seeing their pay checks starting Saturday. Local military families are on the fence about the looming shutdown.

"I wouldn't go to work if I wasn't getting paid and i don't think that they should have to either," said Dana Araujo, who has a son in the Army.

Araujo's son has served in the army since 2008. He lost his leg when an IED exploded in Afghanistan. He's still considered active duty until medically discharged. With the threat of a possible government shut down, Araujo said her son has been told he may not get paid starting Saturday.

"What they've told them is that they still have to go to work even though their not getting paid because they've signed contracts with them," said Araujo.

Les Waide is the commander of VFW post 4174. He retired in 1981 after serving 21 years in the Army.

"We have a bunch of politicians that are acting like children," said Waide.

He believes soldiers will still see a paycheck even if a shutdown happens.

"The government is not going to shut down, it is just going to be certain parts. I don't think you can tell a soldier in the field that he's not going to get paid," said Waide.

Araujo said she is frustrated and angry. Her son has been told back pay is in the works but believes that won't help for every day things like food and rent.

"How do you tell your 5-year old, I'm sorry we can't eat this week because we have no money because the government decided we're not going to eat anymore?" said Araujo.

House republicans have passed a short-term resolution that would fund the Department of Defense through the end of the year but the White House said that's not addressing the real problem. If the shutdown goes through, troops would not receive their full pay checks but would eventually get it all in back pay.