Published: Apr 07, 2011 3:57 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 07, 2011 12:58 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla- Seniors from South Port Square in Charlotte County made a field trip on tuesday to drop off some drugs.

About two dozen senior citizens from the South Port Square community traveled to the Punta Gorda Fire Department on Tuesday to drop off their outdated and unwanted perscription medication.

The programm dubbed Operation Medicine Cabinet was started last year by drug-free Charlotte County and the the Punta Gorda Fire Department people can drop off unwanted or unused medicine so that it does not end up thrown away in the landfill or even worse, dumped down the drain where it could end up in the water supply.

Because it is illegal for one person to be in the possession of another persons perscription medication, the only way to do it was to load up the bus and bring everyone over.

The seniors filled a five-gallon bucket, which was turned over to the police department for disposal.