Published: Apr 05, 2011 11:40 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 05, 2011 7:55 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla--Call for Action gets results for a Cape Coral man hit with several fees at the end of his rent-to-own contract.

Larry Weiss bought a leather sofa set 17 months ago. Since then, he's made each and every payment.

"Now we're at the last payment and they're giving us a hard time. They probably want the furniture back," said Weiss.

Weiss showed us his payment schedule and it shows his payment due on the first of each month. Weiss kept records of each check number and date he paid.

The month leading up to his final payment, Larry says the store manager kept calling demanding payment even though the final payment wasn't yet due. We tried to find a reason why the store would charge him extra fees, but could find no answers in his contract.

"It makes me feel bad," said Weiss about the repeated phone calls he's received, "She's been aggravating us. Calling us. Hanging up the phone we were getting up until yesterday 3 and 4 calls a day."

We called the store and the regional manager called us back. She said they would work everything out. Weiss told us they waived the fees and the last payment. The manager says she still plans to meet Weiss face to face to ensure everything has smoothed out.