Published: Apr 05, 2011 11:14 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 05, 2011 7:39 PM EDT

SAN CARLOS PARK, FL- A man hears a loud noise in his front yard, goes to check it out the next morning, and finds a bomb!

"It's a great place to live."

Wally Cordell says he loves his San Carlos Park Neighborhood.
For one, it's quiet. That's despite the occasional weed whacker, school bus, or recently, in Cordell's case, bombing.

He says, "Throwing small bombs on our lawn once in a while, it always makes for an interesting day."

He says he and his wife heard the explosion late last night, but didn't think much of it.
Today he came outside and found this burn mark in his lawn, and a bomb made from a water bottle.

"It came down through here and landed right here and it exploded and the bottle was sitting right here on it's back."

Cordell called deputies who told him the device was an acid bomb.

"They came out and took photos and you know interviewed us, and got a statement and all."

Inside the bottle, deputies say they found, acid and tin foil.
That was puzzling to the 48 year old certified public accountant who works from home and says he has no enemies.

"It was probably some kids screwing around and I even drove around the neighborhood and asked the neighbors to see if there was any other ones and it just seemed like this was an isolated incident."

Even still, he says he's not planning on losing any sleep over the incident.

"It doesn't really bother me."