Published: Apr 01, 2011 3:41 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 01, 2011 12:44 AM EDT

CHARLOTTE HARBOR, Fla. -- Heavy rains and gusty winds moved through parts of southwest Florida on Thursday afternoon and evening. Some local people say the rain is needed while others are hoping it will let up soon.

For most of the day Thursday, Charlotte County was under cloudy skies. At about 7 p.m., those cloudy skies were pushed out by dark, black storm clouds.

The rain was steady for most of the evening bringing with it frequent lightning and rumbles of thunder. Local people said the welcome the rain while others are looking to clearer skies.

"For one, I do a lot of landscaping, so it makes the grass grow and for two, its well overdue," said John Chase, a local landscaper.

"Its definitely crazy. It puts a damper on everything else. You're just getting out of work and it's a gloomy day and it makes you not want to get out of bed," said Jordan Janerio, who wants the rain to stop.

Most of southwest Florida has been under drought conditions, so the rain this week will help with the dry conditions.