Published: Mar 29, 2011 5:11 AM EDT
Updated: Mar 29, 2011 2:11 AM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Faculty members met Monday with Edison State College President Kenneth Walker and agreed to phase out Dr. James Browder from his post as Senior Vice President, and removing him from all campuses by April 1st.

Members told Walker the move would have to happen to help rebuild trust throughout the school.

The Faculty Senate passed a motion asking President Kenneth Walker to remove Dr. James Browder from the college and reassigning him outside of the college's 4 campuses.

Its unclear just what Browder's job description would be while he is being phased out or how much he will be paid during and as a severence package.

The move offered as a truce between Walker and faculty  - whose other option was to vote 'no confidence' against Walker and Browder.

Faculty sent Walker a list of demands that include an increase in transparency regarding compensation, budgets and the hiring process - they want to see progress in those by April 15th.

Below is a copy of the Faculty Senate's motion sent to Dr. Walker:

    I make the motion that we, the District Faculty Senate of Edison State College, accept that Dr. Browder be immediately reassigned off all four campuses (Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and LaBelle) and be removed from any duties regarding Academics or Reaccredidation. Furthermore, that there be a dramatically improved transparency with regard to budgetary issues including Executive Compensation, hiring practices and HR processes. We add that Dr. Atkins be offered the opportunity to discuss the possibility of his return as the head SACS liaison. We also accept that the organizational structure allow for all V.P.s to report directly to Dr. Walker. Lastly, we respectfully require reassurance that no semblance of retaliation occur to anyone involved in the events leading up to this meeting or those that may follow as part of the proposed solution so that trust may be rebuilt.