Published: Mar 23, 2011 5:43 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 23, 2011 2:43 PM EDT

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla.- Details about a disturbing discovering in North Fort Myers.  Deputies from the Lee County Sheriff's Office confirm it was human remains, discovered by hikers Tuesday night.  The remains were found near SE 24th Street and Birkdale Avenue.

Investigators will continue to comb through two to three acres of dense brush in North Fort Myers to try and piece together how human remains ended up there.  Neighbors WINK spoke with said they're surprised, but it's not the first gruesome discovery in this area.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is calling the discovery human remains major.

"Two to three days combing through the two to three acres back there so a lot of area to go through, it's going to be a long process," said Tony Schall, Lee County Sheriff's Office.

The remains were found by a nearby resident who was walking in the area Tuesday. Deputies told WINK it appears the remains belong to just one person but its unknown who or how long they've here.  Neighbors like Jim Schulte say the dense thick brush is hard to get around in.

"Very easy to go in those woods and not find anybody," said Schulte.

Mike Pero has three kids and lives less than a quarter mile from where the remains were found.

"Its a little concerning.  You want to know what it is.  Its not something we need to be aware of. Someone is on the loose or something is going on we need to know about," said Pero.

"We need to comb through it all to see if there is any evidence of any potential foul play.  Too early right now to go in that direction," said Schall.

This isn't the first time remains have been found.  Several years ago, neighbors say a homeless man's remains were found.  It's why Schulte said its easy to get lost.

"Its very thick in there.  It would make a good place to lay down and sleep," said Schulte.

The area will remain taped off for the next several days.  As for who these remains might belong to, deputies said they're started going thru missing persons reports.


   no idea how long the bones have been here but investigators tell us its an extended length of time
     investigators say they expect to have this area roped off for at least the next few days.
     we're live in north fort myers genevieve judge wink news now.