Published: Mar 19, 2011 1:58 AM EDT
Updated: Mar 18, 2011 11:00 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- The Salvation Army is warning of the latest email hoax hitting your inbox. A bogus email address, posing as the Salvation Army, is asking for your money for relief in Japan. But in reality, crooks are pocketing the cash.

From the crest to the contacts....the Salvation Army says it's one of the more sophisticated scams they've seen.

"it looks authentic, it looks legitimate," Chris Nind of the Salvation Army of Naples said Friday.

The email claims to be from the Salvation Army, asking for donations to aid Japan's earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. But there are some warning signs, including a UK email address.

"It asks for a minimum donation of $100. It also asks for things such as gender and age, which obviously the Salvation Army wouldn't do," Nind said.

The real Salvation Army has already raised $2.5 million dollars in the US alone to help Japan, but now donors say they'll be double-checking where they donate.

"I say beware! Watch what you invest in and be very careful," Naples resident Bunny Boradman said Friday.

The Salvation Army says portions of their website were copied and plugged into the email. Organizers saying they're sickened by the scam.

"You can't understand it, you can't explain it. But we know that there are people that will endeavor to make money from others misfortune," Nind said.

The Salvation Army says the best way to make a safe donate is to write a check directly to the organization, specifying Japan relief efforts. They also say if you have any questions, play it safe, and contact your local Salvation Army chapter.