Published: Mar 19, 2011 12:26 AM EDT
Updated: Mar 18, 2011 9:27 PM EDT

PINE ISLAND, FL- A Pine Island woman tired of having her underwear snatched from her clothesline sets a trap and catches a thief.

Marina Rosales says,? "I think anyone would be creeped out."

That's why she did what not everyone would do. She saved up her money and bought a surveillance camera. That's after she was sure, someone was taking her panties.

Rosales says, "Once i started noticing, that's when I kind of set them out to see if it was really happening."

Then she and her boyfriend set up the camera.

"Seven minutes into the video he comes up, goes around my porch, and starts messing with all my stuff I have hung, flipping it over."

Rosales recognized Geovanni Cruz-Flores, her neighbor.
we spoke to his aunt through a translator.

She says, she can't believe he would do such a thing and added that he's a good worker.

"It freaks you out, it does."

She's just glad she could put an end to the panty snatching.

"I'm probably not the only girl in the trailer park that he's doing it to, he's probably peeping in somebody's house and I just said, if i get one less creep off the street, that's better."