Published: Mar 15, 2011 11:48 PM EDT
Updated: Mar 15, 2011 8:48 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY- A land developer in Charlotte County wants to trade land with the county to put in a water park.

The 800 acres that is Murdock Village has sat vacant for six years since Charlotte County aquired it by emminent domain.

The move drew nationwide controversy and displaced over 80 families in the area.

Since then, the county has tried to entice several developers with the land in an effort to have the land converted into something useful.

After the real estate market collapsed, all of the developers disappeared.

Now local business man Bruce Laishley is proposing a land swap with the county for a portion of that property so he can put in a water park.

His proposal would consist of trading 30 acres of developed, shovel ready land at the airport for 137 acres of undeveloped and unlicensed land in the Murdock area.

Comissioners passed a public hearing today agreeing to move forward with the deal.

County comissioner Chris Constance was the only descenter citing that a land swap would not put any money toward paying off the debt on the property.

For the deal to take effect, the county commission would still have to vote on it one more time, then permitting process would begin.

Laishley estimates that if everything goes smoothly, it could be about two and a half years before water would flowing at a water park in Charlotte County.