Published: Mar 04, 2011 3:13 AM EST
Updated: Mar 04, 2011 12:28 AM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- Just like the high prices at the pump, the cost of jet fuel is also on the rise. In order to compensate, most major airlines are now asking you to pay more for your next ticket out of town.

Four of the nation's airline power players- Delta, United, Continental, and US Airways all settled on a flat $10 increase on round trip ticket prices, applied to almost any destination within the 48 states. It's a hike hurting passengers already paying about 10% more at the pump than two weeks ago.

"Well, I'm not crazy about it, but if you have to fly, you gotta pay it," Todd Sheldon of North Fort Myers said while waiting at Southwest Florida International Airport on Thursday.

The decision was based on jet fuel reaching its second highest price ever, over $3 a gallon, trumped only by record high gas prices in 2008. Travellers at RSW say the climb in ticket costs was inevitable.

"I think we all expected that would happen. I just filled up my car and it was a horrible price," Bea Christopher of Fort Myers said on Thursday.

Delta's also tacking on up to $20 for tickets bought at the last minute. Still, some visitors to Southwest Florida say that won't stop them from flying.

"I still want to travel. I'll just find a way to make the money," Jeff Miller, travelling from Chicago, said Thursday.

But some snowbirds say they're staying put until heading back home in the spring, the high airfare erasing any hopes of side trips during their stay.

"One trip down, one trip home, and survive when we're down here," Sheldon said.

Discount airlines, like Southwest, JetBlue, or AirTran have not raised their rates yet. Experts say if they continue to hold out, it could force other airlines to lower their ticket prices.