Published: Feb 02, 2011 12:03 AM EST
Updated: Feb 01, 2011 8:49 PM EST

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Federal aviation officials are giving it another try. This time, they won't be looking as closely under traveler's clothes.

The Transportation Security Administration on Tuesday began testing a new, more modest body scanning system at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

It is also using the new system at some scanners at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta and Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.

Critics have complained that the full-body scans are intrusive, but TSA spokesman Dwayne Baird says the new software uses a more generic image.

He says the TSA is trying to determine whether it can improve privacy and maintain the same security levels. If the software meets the goal, it could be installed at half of the scanners nationwide.