Published: Nov 28, 2010 9:17 PM EST
Updated: Nov 28, 2010 6:17 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House says WikiLeaks' decision to release classified U.S. diplomatic files endangers U.S. Diplomats, intelligence agents and democratic activists who seek America's help.
The website has defied U.S. demands that it not publish the hundreds of thousands of documents. The material includes candid assessments of foreign leaders and governments.

The White House says such initial reporting is "often incomplete information" and doesn't always shape final policy decisions. It calls the release "reckless and dangerous" and counter to President Barack Obama's goal of open and accountable government at home and around the world.
Wikileaks says it's experiencing a denial of service attack, but it is going ahead with the release. It says publications in the U.S. and Europe will print the leaked diplomatic cables even if it could not.
The Obama administration has been bracing for the release for the past week. Top officials have notified allies that the contents of the diplomatic cables could prove embarrassing because they contain candid assessments of foreign leaders.