Published: Nov 20, 2010 9:02 PM EST
Updated: Nov 20, 2010 6:02 PM EST

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio (AP) - A coroner says two Ohio women and an 11-year-old boy were stabbed to death before they were dismembered.
Knox County Coroner Jennifer Ogle released the autopsy results Saturday. She says Tina Herrmann, her son and her friend Stephanie Sprang were attacked with a knife and stabbed multiple times in the back and chest.
Ogle says the bodies were later dismembered, placed inside plastic garbage bags and lowered into the hollow of a large tree in a wildlife preserve.
There were no signs of sexual assault.

Investigators say an unemployed tree-trimmer gave them information that led to the bodies four days after investigators found Herrmann's 13-year-old daughter bound and gagged in his basement in Mount Vernon.
He has been charged with kidnapping and is being held in the county jail.