Published: Nov 10, 2010 6:37 PM EST
Updated: Nov 10, 2010 3:24 PM EST

A man looking to cause trouble picked the wrong Canadian convenience store.

When he started to threaten the store clerk, a regular customer came to her rescue. Now that's pretty incredible just as it is, but what makes it even more amazing - he's in a wheelchair.

"My hero gets a hug! We need more customers like you."

It's Carte Blanche for Larry Skopnik at the 24-hour food stop on Commercial Drive. He's shop owner's Cindy Grewal's hero, after saving her from what appeared to be a twitchy thief late Saturday night.

"He hands over a 50 dollar fake bill to me. And I told him, 'it's fake.' And then he started using filthy language and he said, 'give me the money back. 'And I said, 'no, let the police come in and you can have it then.' And after that he said, 'I'm going to rob you.'"

"He got aggressive with the clerk, Cindy. And that's when I came around the corner there, right at the moment that he was going in and getting physical with her. And I figured that was unacceptable."

Surveillance cameras catch all the action. Cindy is thrown to the floor when Larry catches the suspect in a headlock. Several other customers pitch in, subduing the man, waiting while Cindy calls 911.

"The operator's telling me, she says, 'let him go.' She said, 'he could harm somebody.' And I said, 'why would I let him go when I have five good citizens out here trying to help me out?'"

"Because I don't even think of myself as disabled. So, you know, just because I'm in a chair doesn't mean I can't stand up and do what's right, even though I can't stand up. It's all about doing the right thing."

"Money's not everything. A good friendship, relationship, that's going to go a long way. And that's what we are saying. That's the reason we always work as a team and in our neighborhood here, we make sure everything is okay."

"That's what neighborhoods are about. It's the people and what people do in that community."