Published: Sep 24, 2010 3:45 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 24, 2010 12:12 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla.- WINK News takes you inside a home so dirty, so deep in disrepair, that Lee County has condemned the property.

Back in June, investigators removed the decaying body of Gail Andrew's mother from inside the home. Now, they're moving forward with plans to bulldoze the property. But today, Andrews says she's getting a helping hand to turn her life around.

Andrews says she was in over her head, taking care of two sick parents, leading to literally years worth of trash layering her house. But now, she's hoping some help from the community will keep her from becoming homeless.

Walk through the door of Gail Andrew's home and you're greeted by a shocking sight: cobwebs lacing a chandelier, fine china caked with dirt, and 36 years worth of trash...untouched.

"I had myself, that was it. I was doing this alone. As you can see this is more than one woman can handle," Andrews said.

Lee County's declared the home an unsafe structure, with plans to level the property within a month. They've already spent thousands of dollars fumigating the decaying home.

"The workman could not even walk safely across the park of the roof that still exists," Joan LaGuardia of the Lee County Department of Community Development said Thursday.

But Andrew's story is stirring up some compassion in the community. Volunteers are helping shovel away layers of sludge, and now, some businesses are stepping up to help save her home.

"They don't have any water, the water's turned off. So I said, let me go in and assess the situation. I really couldn't get past the first five feet," said Mike Marchetti of Bonita Springs Plumbing and Gas.

He's dedicating his services to repair what's left of Andrew's home. A local contractor has also approached the county, interested in rebuilding the hopes of lifting up a woman in desperate need of a helping hand.

"I'd like to see the community come together and show this person that there's love out there still," Marchetti said Thursday.

Lee County plans to press forward in choosing a demolition contractor for the job as soon as Friday, but say they are hoping it won't come to that point. If you'd like to help, contact Kay Haering at 239-574-2076.