Published: Sep 23, 2010 11:31 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 23, 2010 6:11 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A major road construction project in Cape Coral is stalled.

Cape Coral Parkway between Coronado and Del Prado is set to be ripped up and repaved.

It was supposed to start in November and last about five months.

But store owners in this area said if this happens during snow-bird season, it would kill what little business they have left.

Thousands of cars drive through this area everyday.

It is one of the busiest roadways in Cape Coral and that's why the Community Redevelopment Agency agreed to postpone the construction project.

This was good news to many of the local business, Su Casa.

Judy Heller co-owns the posh furniture store, just moved this past weekend to Cape Coral Parkway.

" We saw this location on Cape Coral Parkway and said let's try it. It's been fantastic," Judy said.

So far business is booming.

But Judy worries about the planned road construction project on Cape Coral Parkway.

"No one wants to drive down a ripped street and no one is going to go to a business where they are going to be in backed up traffic," she said.

The road is literally going to be ripped up and repaved.

The process was supposed to start in the beginning of season.

The project would last about five months.

"We had a number of businesses who were concerned," said John Jacobsen, Executive Director of the Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency.

Jacobsen agrees the construction would hurt already struggling businesses.

"At the height of season, it would be horribly detrimental," he said.

The concern is people would simply not come to the area because driving through the construction would be a hassle.

Jacobsen estimates a hundred businesses in the area would be affected.

"People get set. If there is construction they tend to stay away," said Anita Simmons.

Simmons owns The Cape Dog Bakery and Cat House on Cape Coral Parkway.

She and other businesses petitioned the CRA to delay the construction project to April.

This way it will be after season.

The CRA agreed.

"We don't want to put another business out of business simply because of a road construction project," Jacobsen said.

This area of Cape Coral Parkway is also home to the Festival of Lights and Festival of the Arts.

Both of these events attract around hundred thousand people.

If this project started in November, it would make putting on these events almost impossible.

The city council still needs to approve the delay, which Jacobsen believes they most likely will do.