Published: Sep 22, 2010 12:55 AM EDT
Updated: Sep 21, 2010 7:35 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - 1,500 jobs could be on the way to Charlotte County, but some residents are actually against the proposed economic boost.

They fear the plan for a major marina will be bad for the environment.

The developer of the project, Peace River Associates, LLC, promises an increases in property values for homes in the Harbour Heights neighborhood once the marina is up and running.

The plan includes a residential area, office space, and 350 hotel rooms along with a 260 wet and 162 dry boat slip marina.

The marina got the green light at Tuesday's commission meeting despite the concerns voiced by residents.

"Adding hundreds of motor boats will be detrimental to manatees as well as other protected species," said one concerned man during the public discussion.

Margie Blackwell lives near the proposed site. She's not against the entire development, but she's not a fan of the marina. 

"The applicant has not addressed all of the environmental concerns," said Blackwell.

Long-time Charlotte County resident Clark Keller pleaded with the board to vote the proposal down. "This should be denied. We deserve better."

But it seems the promise of an economic shot-in-the-arm outweighed their concerns.

"We anticipate that this project, once developed, will create 1,500 permanent jobs," says Geri Waksler, the attorney for the developer. She says it will generate in excess of $12 million a year in tax revenue for the county.

Despite the potential job increase, residents who live along nearby waterways like Dorothy Sevigny say it's not worth the damage to the eco-system.

"We're going to have sewage disposal," says Sevigny. "We're going to have all the pollutants that go along with boating."

Many homeowners near the Peace River have boat lifts or docks in their back yards, so Sevigny thinks the marina is a waste.

"We don't need our own marina."