Published: Sep 21, 2010 4:20 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 21, 2010 1:21 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Charlotte County Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit detectives say they have exhausted all leads and information in the report Monday of a possible child abduction near Neil Armstrong Elementary School.

MCU detectives say there have been no missing child reports filed; however, the case will remain open at this time pending any further information that might be received at the CCSO. If anyone has information about this case, please call the CCSO at 941-639-2101, or Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS (8477).


Is there or isn't there a child in trouble in Port Charlotte?

A call reporting a possible child abduction sent cops scrambling for clues Monday, but hours later it was unclear if a child is actually missing.

Police checked attendance records and called parents of absent kids and came back empty handed.

It seems like all the children at Neil Armstrong Elementary School are accounted for, but the investigation is still ongoing as to what may have happened just a few blocks away where a witness claims a child may have been abducted.

Parents like Dillinger Estrella were shaken up after hearing the news.

"It was kind of freaky because they called saying Neil Armstrong Elementary, there's been an abduction."

"I'm just glad it's not one of my kids," said Kiersten Morrow as she waited in line to pick-up her children.

Her children are all right, but it's still unclear if another child is in danger.

"Whether this was not what it appeared to be, we have to look at is as a possible child abduction," says Charlotte County Sheriff's Office spokesman Robert Carpenter.

A 911 caller reported seeing a child between 6- and 8-years-old walking near Midway and Harbor Blvds. Monday morning.

She says an older model tan sedan pulled up, the passenger stepped out, grabbed the child's hand and got back in the car.

The school did what it could to help the investigation.

"Education used to be the most important thing for students in our public schools," says Mike Riley with Charlotte County Schools. "Today, the safety and welfare of the children seems to be the priority."

Missing child or not, Morrow thinks more needs to be done to protect the kids.

"It's always going to happen," says Morrow. "What are these parents and cops going to do... They were always scoping out the school, but they're not anymore."

The case may just be a domestic incident between a child and a parent, but until authorities know for sure, the investigation continues.