Published: Sep 16, 2010 3:36 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 15, 2010 6:58 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Parents at a Cape Coral school want to know why their kids are not protected by a school zone speed limit. They say cars are whizzing by students at high speeds, as they make their way to and from campus.

Speeders, students, and no sidewalk in sight. Parents say the scene at Mariner High School is a recipe for disaster.

"They're dodging cars to try to get to school. You sit there and you watch it and it's just unbelievable," parent Joy Schawalder said Wednesday.

Schawalder lives just down the road from the school. She's too close for her 15-year old to ride the bus, but she says letting him ride his bike is not an option.

"I have to drive him because it's dangerous down there. It's just way too dangerous," she said.

The speed limit on Chiquita Boulevard is 45 mph, but even when drivers do the speed limit, they're still going more than twice as fast as a normal school zone.

"They're going well over 45. I'd say up to 60 through there. It's way too fast, just way too fast," Schawalder said.

Mariner students couldn't agree more.

"At this time, it's pretty busy. A lot of cars are going by. You have to be cautious," Mariner High School senior Ivelis Vasquez said as she walked home from school.

Without a sidewalk outside the school, students say being cautious means booking it through the brush.

"I walk in the grass because if I walk on the street I'm going to get run over!" Vasquez said.

Now, Schawalder want answers. Still, she says her calls requesting a slowdown are leading to nothing but a dead end.

"I just get the complete runaround on everything, I don't get a real direct answer," she said.

Lee County Department of Transportation says the road is under the authority of the City of Cape Coral. Therefore, setting school zones and building sidewalks is their business alone...a matter parents say is more pressing by the day.

"I see children out there riding their bikes and it's just an accident waiting to happen. They have no options," Schawalder said.

The City of Cape Coral tells WINK News that in order to change the speed, they'd need a request from the school. As Schawalder said, she's been asking the school to make that request, with no results. Mariner High School declined to go on-camera for this story.