Published: Aug 02, 2010 10:54 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 02, 2010 7:25 PM EDT

AVE MARIA, Fla. - People in Ave Maria are in shock tonight over the loss of a well-known teen. 19 year old Matthew "Alex" Klucik lost control of his car, plunging into a pond early Monday morning.

"I would see him working, being interactive with the kids, and it was really great to see how charitable he was," friend Erica Phap says of the teen.

Florida Highway Patrol says Klucik couldn't navigate a sharp right on Anthem Parkway. His car plummeted into a pond and he wasn't able to get out. Troopers found him still seat belted in when they pulled the car out.

His passenger, 21-year-old Catherine Pesiri was able to get out. She ran to a nearby house to call 911.

When we spoke to Pesiri after mass she was still in shock but showed us her injuries, including her ankle, hand and some scrapes on her right thigh.

A spokesperson for the university says they will have a tribute at the beginning of the school year. Klucik had graduated high school at Ave Maria and was about to become a freshman at the university.