Published: Aug 02, 2010 10:59 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 02, 2010 7:56 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL- Mailbox after mailbox are mowed down in the Cape. Now a man faces DUI charges for hitting them all.
He also bumped into a house and backed into a porta potty.

It happened in a quiet neighborhood beginning in the 2100 block of southeast 11th Avenue and then ended in the 1400 block of southeast 21st Terrace.
One neighbor says, "They all got hit, he got hit, he got hit, the guy in the corner."

Deputies say Daniel Jazweicki smashed into not one,not two, but nearly 20 mailboxes on a drunken ride that started, and ended, right in his neighborhood.

One witness says, "I would say he was going about 40 miles an hour."

It started at his home on se 21st Terrace. No one there had anything to say to WINK.

Neighbor Lynda Lallone says, "I let out a pretty big scream when he hit the mailboxes"

She was nearly hit by Jazweicki.

"He proceeded to go down the street taking out whatever mailboxes were in his way."

A lizard, a manatee box...

"He flattened those down."

He missed the trout and almost into an oncoming car.

"He swerved to avoid it and came up this driveway."

He drove into the door of this house and then slammed into the porta potty.

"He backed out ran into another vehicle, in the middle of the street here, and then he stopped and some of the neighbors apprehended him until the police came"

Deputies say a brave witness grabbed Jazweicki's keys from his car, putting an end to the chaos.

"If God was not on this street that day. I'm telling you, nobody was hurt"