Published: Jul 31, 2010 5:20 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 31, 2010 2:20 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - "I was ready to laugh in his face."

It isn't easy to get one over on this woman. Marilyn, as she wants to be called, says a man has been calling for a week, trying to giver her $2 million dollars and a house.

"We're coming down your street tomorrow with balloons and taking you to the bank," she recalls the man saying.

Marilyn says Mark Johnson from America's Shoppers Network told her over the phone if she didn't want the money then she had to sign some checks over.

Johnson called her again the next day, saying he was in Naples and on his way over.

Marilyn got nervous, she claims Johnson said he would arrest her if she didn't sign the checks; after all he was a customs agent.

Johnson has been harassing Marilyn almost every day since, claiming his law enforcement and threatening to come to her house with cuffs.

The Naples woman called the Sheriff's Office and a deputy called Johnson.

According to Marilyn, Johnson threatened the deputy as well, "He said something to the deputy 'I'm federal, you're only local police'.".

We traced the number to Kingston, Jamaica. WINK News also called the number, but only got voicemail.

Marilyn says knowing the man is not in the area makes her feel safer; however, she's worried he will prey on other senior citizens.

Deputies are looking into the calls.