Published: Jul 31, 2010 1:03 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 30, 2010 10:04 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - A woman has the chance to become a professional athlete in Figure Posing.

Amy Vetter has been training for the USA body-building, figure, and bikini championships in Las Vegas.  If she places first in her height class, Amy will be given a pro-card, making her a professional athlete.

"I get up every morning at 3:45, eat breakfast, and prepare myself for the day.  I get here at the Omni at 5:00 am and I train. I weight train 4 days a week and then I'll do about 50 minutes of cardio following my weight training.  And then I work for an engineering firm from 8-5 Monday through Friday."

For the past three months, Amy has been on a very strict diet and weight training regiment in order to be at peak physical form for this Saturday's show.

"I become a hermit. I just find it easier to do things at home, but it's been very tough for me these last couple of weeks because I have been very hungry. When you see your so close to getting on stage and how important it is, it doesn't matter. You can fight those temptations.  But I'm really craving sushi and doughnuts.  It's a good combination."

And to those who don't think figure posing is a sport, Amy said, "Give me three months and let me put you on the program. Whether we're throwing around a ball or getting tackled on the field, it doesn't matter.  It's still a sport because it still takes a lot of dedication and a lot of passion."