Published: Jul 31, 2010 4:06 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 30, 2010 8:08 PM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - A 10 year old child is arrested in an unthinkable crime.  Another child alleges he molested her while she was sleeping.

Some of the details in the boy's arrest report are so graphic and disturbing, we've chosen not to share them.The father of a 10 year old Port Charlotte boy charged with 2 counts of lewd and lascivious behavior hopes his son gets the help he needs.

"How? How? How, period," the boy's father said. "Questions like that can't be answered simply. We don't know the answer." .

We've  hidden the father's identity to protect his family as well as the victim.
According to the boy's arrest report, a 12 year old female friend said "she was sleeping in bed when she was suddenly awakened due to pain in her private area...she told that the defendant...was on top of her." The report says the female victim had been visiting from out of state.

"He's a lovable child and unfortunately he made a bad judgment call," the boy's father said. "You learn from your mistakes and I'm sure he'll learn from this one."
His father says the boy's behavioral problems are more than they as a family can bear alone, so they're putting him in the state's hands. We dug into his father's past and found that he was charged with Child Neglect back in 2007. "He is getting help now, and we're getting help. As a family we are going to pull through this, as a community, we'll all get through it."

The boy's mother wasn't home at the time we visited. He will spend the next 3 weeks in the Juvenile Justice Center. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office says more charges may follow.