Published: Jul 29, 2010 4:30 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 29, 2010 1:30 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - "Giraffe are one of those animals we consider to be charismatic mega fauna," David Tetzlaff with the Naples Zoo jokes.

It's doubtful anyone getting a sneak peak of the animals Wednesday night will argue that.

Five male giraffes are the newest edition to the Naples Zoo family. It's part of a $2 million expansion to open in 2012.

"They're between 10 and 12 feet high, and weigh about 900 to 1,500 pounds. They're really just youngsters," Tetzlaff explains.

Eventually they will grow to be 18 feet tall.

So, how do you move five giants from as far away as California to Florida? It's no easy feet.

Tetzlaff says there's only about half a dozen people in the country that have giraffe trucks. "It's a short unit so they can't move back and forth. It's very tall, about 13 feet tall, and fits under overpasses."

The next tall order will be raising the money to make the giraffes' permanent habitat, where people will actually be able to get a much more hands on experience.

"Our Coastal African region, it'll be a whole new experience where you'll be able to hand feed giraffe from a 10 foot deck."

You can check our the giraffes starting this Saturday at the Naples Zoo.