Published: Jul 28, 2010 12:09 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 27, 2010 9:09 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla -  Cape Coral solves it's power pole problem.

A battle over money caused crews to pave around dozens of electric poles.

It happened on a busy stretch of Del Prado Boulevard near Diplomat Parkway where there's lots of construction.

City of Cape Coral thought the Lee County Electric Cooperative should pay to remove the electric poles.

LCEC thought the city should pay it.

For now they've reached a temporary agreement and the poles are finally coming out.

People living in this area were baffled why construction crews would pave around the poles, instead of removing them.

An argument over who should pay to get rid of the poles forced the City of Cape Coral to improvise.

"We couldn't have the contractor sit on the sideline and wait around until this issue was resolved, so we said go ahead and pave around it," said city spokeswoman, Connie Barron.

It's all part of a road widening project on Del Prado Boulevard North near Diplomat Parkway.

The City of Cape Coral and LCEC are still in litigation about who should pay the entire cost to remove the poles.

In the meantime, they've reached a compromise: split the million dollar price tag.

"The city will pay their portion of this fee by road impact fees and gas tax which is set aside for this type of project," Barron said.

LCEC will pay their portion with funds set aside.

Once the temporary agreement was made the poles immediately started being uprooted.

Most of the poles are already taken down.

For people like Donna Debien, whose back yard faces the construction site, this is good news.

It means the project is one step closer to being finished.

"It's been kind of hectic," she said.

Her neighbors Ray and Eva Clark wish this decision was made a long time ago.

"I think if they've done it different they wouldn't waste so much money," they said.

This only a temporary agreement to share the cost of removing these poles.

A judge will eventually decide who should foot the entire bill.

When that happens either Cape Coral or LCEC will be reimbursed.