Published: Jul 21, 2010 3:52 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 21, 2010 12:55 AM EDT

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. - It's your money and utility rates are about to skyrocket for people on Marco Island. The city has to raise water and sewer rates by 10.5 percent. Tuesday, city staff held an informative meeting to go over two possible options for the increase and get public input.

"I'd say $275, this month is was over $300," Marco resident Fay Biles says of her utility bill.

Residents wonder which plan, out of the two the city is mulling over, will make bills increase the most.

The first plan is a 10.5 increase across the board on water and sewer.

The second is called the "4,000 Plan". "On the water side if you use 1,000 gallons you'd be charged for 4,000, that's the minimum. If you go over 4,000 you'd be charged so much per gallon," Utility Advisory Board Chairman Ken Honecker explains. Part of that plan is a flat 4,000 gallon fee for sewer. The base minimum charge would be the same whether you live in a house or a condo.

Resident Ray Paret isn't a fan of that idea, "there's difference between what a homeowner pays and what a person living in a high rise pays."

Either way, some residents say the increase will leave islanders with only two options.

"When the price goes up they'll either stop irrigating the lawns and it won't look as nice, and those that can't afford it will move off the island," Biles thinks.

There will also be a meeting on the utility options July 28th for business owners on the island. The new rates will take effect later this year.