Published: Jul 21, 2010 12:49 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 20, 2010 8:28 PM EDT

SOUTH GULF COVE, Fla. - Only on WINK - A Charlotte County employee made a shocking discovery last week. He found two bodies lying beside a motorcycle in the tall grass. They'd gotten into an accident and had been lying there for hours.

It happened near Saint Paul Drive in Port Charlotte's South Gulf Cove. Days later, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

"I was doing my normal rounds, here through the area, looking for any mosquito breeding and I saw something in the weeds over there. I thought it looked interesting and out of place," Mosquito Control employee Jeff Proffitt said.

Upon closer look, he found an orange Harley, twisted with grass and dirt. "As I kept driving, I noticed next to the motorcycle,  two bodies lying on the ground," Proffitt said.

Fearing the worst, he called 911. "I asked the gentleman if he needed my help," Proffitt said. "He said he had a friend coming out, so I thought that was kind of weird that they'd been laying here possibly that long and didn't want 911."

Jeffery Cook was the driver. He refused treatment, but his passenger, Melissa Strickland, had to be taken by Medstar helicopter to Lee Memorial Hospital. According to FHP, they'd been lying in that tall grass and hot sun for hours. "There's no telling if he hadn't found them how long they would have been laying down there," Strickland's daughter Ashley Carock said,

Carock watches her mother struggle to recover. "She is still pretty out of it," Carock said. "She doesn't remember anything. She doesn't know why it happened."

Carock doesn't know the relationship between her mother and Cook, but worries there could be more to the story. "My family is just really upset about it. so I hope that the police get to the bottom of it," Carock said,

Strickland is currently listed in fair condition. Cook was charged with Careless Driving. We looked a littler deeper into his past and found he was convicted of Attempted Murder back in 2000 in Kansas and served 6 years in prison. We tried to get ahold of him, but have not heard back.