Published: Jul 16, 2010 4:46 AM EDT
Updated: Jul 16, 2010 1:46 AM EDT

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. - It was an extremely lucky discovery for a Charlotte County employee – one that may have saved two peoples lives.

“2 a.m. this morning, I'm watching TV,” Adrienne Reeves said. “I heard the sound of a motorcycle... come to an abrupt shutoff.”

Startled, Reeves and her husband checked outside their home on Saint Paul Drive in Englewood. “We heard no crying or whining or any movement,” Reeves said.

She heard nothing, until around noon. That's when a Mosquito Control employee found a male and a female, both injured, lying in the hot sun next to an orange motorcycle twisted with dirt and grass.

According to FHP, the passenger was in and out of consciousness. The driver refused treatment while the female passenger was taken away by helicopter. While it's unclear when the accident happened, the two had definitely been out there for some time.

“The engine temperature was cool to the touch which tells us the vehicle was probably here for several hours before they were discovered,” Charles Maculloch of FHP said.

A couple more hours, and officials fear the outcome could have been much worse. “We could’ve had a fatality if nobody found these individuals,” Charlotte County Fire Battalion Chief James Stillwagon said.

According to FHP, it appears the cycle exited the paved portion of the Saint Paul Drive, continued onto the rocky road, lost control and overturned several times ejecting both the driver and passenger. At this point they're not yet saying whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident.